Stetson Bourbon

Bourbon, No Age Statement, 42% ABV, $49

This whiskey is a light amber with the smell of corn, toffee, lemon, ginger and vanilla. The taste is sweet corn, vanilla, lemon, orange and pepper. There’s a slight bit of woody aftertaste, but not much. This must be a fairly young bourbon. The pepper is light and long; the aftertaste brief and light. I also detect a bit of butterscotch up front after a while.

Master of Malt says:

Named for John B Stetson and originally launched for the German market, this bourbon honours the chap who invented a stalwart in my “top 7 hats” list, recently knocked off the number 3 spot by the classic “Homburg”. Fact hunt: Stetson’s hat was known as the “Boss of the Plains”, thanks to its lightweight, all-weather design and durability. I was once known as the boss of the planes, but I was fired because no one likes a draconian air steward.

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