Willett Family Estate Single Barrel Bourbon (6 Year)

Single Barrel Bourbon
(Barrel 1307, Bottle 140/192),
6 Years, 61.3% ABV, $40

This bottle was from a barrel selected by Spec’s Wine & Spirits, Houston, TX.

Nosing reveals straw, caramel, honey, vanilla, maple syrup, lemon drops and charred wood. With a good amount of water, the smell of grass becomes more prominent along with notes of candied cherries, overripe banana and tobacco.

Flavors of lemon, green apple, ginger, honey, cherries, caramel and grass arrive early. The finish is tart and slightly leathery with a good amount of burn. Adding water reveals a bit of cardboard, graham cracker and light tobacco and transforms the finish into a long, spicy experience with plenty of burn and a remaining leathery tart mixture.

This is a decent whiskey, but not great… especially for the price.  The flavor is reminiscent of Eagle Rare 10 with more fruit and spice, but not as well executed.

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