Ron Matusalem Platino

Cuban Rum, 3 Years, 40% ABV, $10

Besides Bacardi (I’m not counting that one), this is the first white rum I purchased. It was a great price and I didn’t know much about it, but I grabbed it anyway.

On the nose, its sweet and spicy with smells of toffee, straw, ginger, overripe plum and cherry, pear, honey and mild tobacco. The taste is vanilla, caramel, apple, pear, plum, banana, ginger, grass and black pepper. The finish is mild wood, subdued fruit for a while and dissipating spice. There’s a lingering taste of overripe banana and leathery tobacco in the background as well.

This is a really nice rum with a nice collection of fruit and spice without much sweetness and just a bit of bitterness. Overall, a pretty good balance.  The price I paid was really good, but even at the current $15 that I see, this is a good buy.

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