Boxes Blend


Blended, No Age Statement, 40% ABV, $90

The nose is full of grass, apple, vanilla and overripe banana with a bit of cigar box. There’s a definite charred oak flavor characteristic up front that develops throughout to the finish. This theme is complemented by tart apple, ginger, orange and vanilla. All except the ginger fade fairly quickly as a peppery finish develops and persists. After the black pepper fades, the aftertaste is leathery oak. The experience is somewhat disjointed rather than a continuously smooth transition. If not for that, this might be a fantastic experience. That and the overpowering pepper that lacks any additional spice or other flavors for balance really detracts from the experience. The other flavors are long gone while you’re wondering how long the pepper will last. There’s lots of promise, but nothing special here.

According to Master of Malt:

Boxes Blend is a whisky put together by none other than Athlete bassist Carey Willets. The blend is named after his new solo project, an electro pop adventure that’s already garnering some great reviews.

Interesting that they give more information about the musician than the whisky. 😉

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