Advent Completed

The Whisky Advent Calendar from Master of Malt

The Whisky Advent Calendar from Master of Malt

I was 3 days late, but that completes The Whisky Advent Calendar.  This has been an enormous amount of fun and a lot more work than I expected.  I’m extremely grateful to my friend, Gene, who made this possible through his generous and thoughtful gift.  I’ve learned a lot about Scotch whisky in a very short time and tasted some great examples from each of the regions of Scotland: Highland (and Islands), Speyside, Campbeltown, Lowland and Islay.  There are definite differences between the whiskys from each region and I now have a good idea of the flavor profiles to expect from distilleries located in each of them.  I’ll be reviewing my tastings and will follow-up with a list of my favorites from the set of twenty-four, although I’m sure that the two bourbons won’t make that list (not that I don’t like bourbon, but these two were not noteworthy).

For those interested in the details, all of the tasting was done from the same glass at the same temperature using the same water at the same location in the same chair.  All blog entries were authored on an iPhone 5 using the WordPress application, which was used to take all photos.  Further editing (due to WordPress mobile limitations) were accomplished via web browser.

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